The bowling club’s Charity Day raised £255 in aid of President David Atfield’s chosen charity, the RNLI, on Saturday 26th August.

The afternoon began with a spider and was followed by a drive. The short mat bowling club’s numbered, coloured badges and scoreboards were borrowed. Players drew a badge denoting rink (by the colour on the scoreboard) and position of play. The random nature of the draw meant that leads found themselves at three and skips had to remember how to throw the jack at lead. After five ends, the badges were returned to their bag and drawn again for the next set of five. 15 ends were played in all.

It proved vital for people to pin their badges to their shirts, as no one could remember which team they were in without them.

Complicated scorecards, prepared in advance by Barbara Bell, recorded the names playing in a team for each set of five and the team scores. Complicated data analysis (Barbara again) amalgamated all the scores to find the overall winners for the day. In 4th place was Peter Morrish (18 points). 2nd equal were Jane Walters and Vera Beare (19). The day’s winner, by a narrow margin, was Roger Priestley (20). Well done to all, and thanks to Barbara for organising the drive format.

Charity 2023 Roger and Barbara B

Roger Priestley and Barbara Bell  (Photo Kevin Smith)

While play was in progress, the raffle draw was made and the prizes suitably labelled with the lucky tickets. Your humble scribe was overjoyed to find half a dozen items labelled “Kevin” — and equally downcast to see a “J” (for Jones) on all of them.

The afternoon was rounded off with a faith tea, which tended towards the sweet rather than the savoury in its contributions.

Charity 2023 Raffle prize table

David Atfield and the raffle prize table. (Photo David Bramman)