The Bowling Club held its Charity Day in blazing sunshine on Saturday afternoon (13th August), to raise funds for President Wendy’s charity, the Alzheimer’s Society. 

 Charity Day 2022 08 13

Paul Evans won the introductory spider and was presented with a bottle as prize, beautifully wrapped so that it was impossible to tell what it contained.

Six triples played three sets of five ends against varying opponents. It would have been four sets, but since the players were rapidly reducing to dripping puddles, no one disagreed with cutting it short and heading for the relative coolth of the club house. Winners, on shots scored irrespective of shots conceded, were Pam Johnson, Graham Browning and George Tinker on 23, one ahead of Richard Jones (playing lead!) (carrying an umbrella!!), David Atfield and Andy Phillips. 

Your humble scribe’s triple (Di Powell, David Shaw and Kevin Smith) came last-but-one, despite having won more than half of the ends played (8 of 15); an inability to score more than 1 shot per end, except once when we got two, took its toll.

It occurs that it would be possible to game the system by agreeing with opponents to share hotshots for the first four ends of a set and then shoot out for victory in the fifth, but where’s the fun in that? Who would want to play like that? (Answers not required.)

During the play, Wendy and Mae, who had been enthusiastically selling raffle tickets to everyone who walked through the door, stuck winning tickets on the multitude of prizes, so that people could collect them.

Tea had been advertised as “coffee/tea and cake”, and some nice cakes and scones were laid out at the end of the room, but it seemed that many people were going for the “cold beer and cake” option instead. (I can recommend it!)

The amount raised wasn’t known on the day. We’ll post an update when we find out.