Wadebridge had a couple of excellent results in the Group 2 knock out competitions. The A Team won its Croydon Marks match away at Bude on Tuesday, while the C Team beat Kensey Vale away in the Grenville Taylor.

In the Croydon Marks, Harry Tinker switched rinks to skip in place of his brother George, and won 18-13. Richard Jones' rink scored a 7 on the tenth end to take the lead and held it till the end, winning 24-21. Roger Priestley's rink were behind all the way to the 15th end, when a 4 brought them level. The next six ends were shared 3-3, meaning a very close-fought game ended in a tie. The overall result, 60-52, saw Wadebridge into the next round.

20220705 Croydon Marks 

The C Team expected a tough match against Kensey Vale in the Grenville Taylor, and came winners by 10 shots. Roger Smith's rink were ahead all the way to a comfortable 28-17 win. Eddie Jones rink fought back from 17-8 down but never quite manages to level it and lost narrowly by 20-17. Trevor Little's rink lead for all but one end, and held off a comeback to win 24-22. 69-59 was the final score.

20220708 Grenville Taylor