Club Officers 2024

The positions comprising the General Committee are shown in bold.

President David Atfield
Vice President Eddie Jones
Past President David Atfield
Club Secretary Andrew Phillips
Club Treasurer Richard Jones
Bar Steward Kevin Jones
    Bar Sub Committee     Barbara Swaby
                                      David Atfield
       Alyson Tapley
       Mark Tapley
Press Officer  Kevin Smith
Safeguarding Officer Mae Bargate
Accounts Examiner Barbara Bell
Club Match Secretary George Tinker
Green Coordinator George Tinker
    Green Committee     Andrew Phillips
                                    Richard Jones
                                    Peter Chapman
                                    Harry Tinker
                                 Graham Browning

Ladies' Section

Captain Pat Archer
Vice Captain Barbara Swaby
Secretary  Barbara Bell
Competition Secretary  Mae Bargate
    Competition Committee     Barbara Bell
                                            Barbara Swaby
    Carol May (Reserve)
General Committee Alyson Tapley
  Kirsty Jones
Selection Committee        Mae Bargate
                                Alyson Tapley
                                          Barbara Bell
                                        Barbara Swaby
                                          Pat Archer
    Carol May (Reserve)
    Di Dingle (Reserve)
Management Committee  Pat Archer
                                           Alyson Tapley
                                       Jane Walters
                                       Wendy Greig
                                       Barbara Bell
                                       Barbara Swaby
Mae Bargate
Carol May
Di Dingle
Kirsty Jones
    Jane Murphy (Reserve)

Men's Section

Captain Mark Tapley
Vice-Captain  Kevin Jones
Secretary  Andrew Phillips
Competition Secretary George Tinker
Competition Committee  Andrew Phillips
                                          Richard Jones
General Committee  Eddie Jones
                                          Roger Priestley
                                         Kevin Smith
                                         Trevor Little
A Team Captain  Harry Tinker
B Team Captain Mark Tapley
ECBL Captain Paul Evans