• Easy to get started
  • We provide bowls and equipment
  • Just bring flat-soled shoes
  • Club Nights – click here
  • You won’t need club shirts etc when you start
  • New player first year fees just £12

We are always looking for new people to take up bowls, men and women, and it’s really very easy. And if you’ve not played before, it’s cheap as well: you only pay £12 in the first year rather than the full subscription of £75.

Our Taster Day for 2022 has already happened, but you can turn up on a club night and receive an introduction to bowls from our coaches and other experienced players. We provide the bowls and other equipment. Just wear flat-soled shoes (please – no sandals, for safety reasons. A bowl travelling at speed packs quite a punch). 

Club Nights are usually on a Tuesday evening, except when the green is needed for league matches, when it shifts to another day. You will find a full list of Club Nights here

You won’t need specialist bowls clothing straight away, not until you represent the club in friendlies or league matches. Then you’ll need club shirts and grey or white trousers or skirts.

If you’re uncertain about anything, you can contact our club secretary first: Andrew Phillips, Phone 01208 814871 or 07762 433863, Email

Bowls has an image of being for older people, and many of our members do fit into that category. Playing can keep you active and engaged for many years – our oldest playing member is 90. But if you watch bowls on television, you’ll see that the top players are younger, and may well have started in their teens, as several of our own top players did. And amongst our best players currently we have two teenagers, who in 2021 represented Cornwall at the National Finals in Leamington Spa. So don’t let age be a barrier.

Once you get going, you’ll find a lot of useful information about how the club works on our ‘General Information’ page.