Opening Day 2022 Councillor Kelly RoweWadebridge Bowling Club’s Opening Day was held on Saturday 9th April, a week earlier than typically because of Easter this year. We were rewarded for this boldness with a beautiful sunny afternoon. 

Wadebridge Town Councillor Kelly Rowe was welcomed by President Wendy Greig and delivered the first wood. Thirty players were then straight into a triples drive, playing five ends after which the winners moved on a rink, then another five ends, and another, before returning to the clubhouse for tea. 

The green was in good condition, apart from a small area on rink 3 under reconstruction, and quite dry. The players were not so good, at least to start with. For the first few ends, anyone getting within a yard of the jack was doing well, but by the time we finished the heads were tighter. 

The winners, on a simple difference of shots for and against, were Julian Bragg, Mark Tapley and George Tinker (who is getting a few mentions here lately - he must be quite good). 

[Photos by Penry Archer.]

Opening Day 2022 Group

Opening Day 2022 Across the Green