Fixtures Secretary George Tinker has just sent the Fixture Booklet 2022 off to the printers to be ready for the opening of the new season.

He has done a great job on the fixture list and booklet, with assistance from Barbara Bell, Roger Priestley and Kevin Smith on establishing some of the dates and proofreading. George said: "I'd especially like to thank the previous Fixtures Sec, Paul Freeman. He provided me with a whole variety of tips and tricks that he had learnt over the years which gave me a really good platform to build on."

The new fixtures secretary has brought a new look to the booklet, harmonising with the new website, and has added some extra information. One difference you will certainly notice is the absence of club members' names and contact details. The General Committee decided that the pandemic had caused too much uncertainty over who would be members this year, with some returning after a two year gap but others staying away, and it would be better to create a separate list once we know who has rejoined and paid up their subs.

The good news is that you don't have to wait until it's printed to see the Fixture Booklet. You can view it now on the club website on the Information/Fixtures page, or click here. Other pages on the website have also been updated with key dates.